Deal of the week

If you are a daily commuter with Dublin Bus, you should check with your employer whether they are registered for the company's Taxsaver Scheme. Buying an annual ticket through this scheme can save you hundreds of euro. Two trips per day on Dublin Bus at €1.60 each will cost you a total of €1,168 annually so the €980 cost of an Annual Travelwide Bus ticket has you saving immediately. More importantly, however, you can claim tax back at your marginal rate so those on higher incomes can save 51% or more (depending on their income levy liability) with a ticket coming at just €480.20. That's a no brainer.

Tip of the week

Aviva Health Insurance customers should note that the company has introduced a new Dental Access Package applicable to all plans at no extra cost. The package means that every Aviva member is now entitled to a check-up and X-ray for €30; check-up, X-ray, scale and polish for €80 and discounts of between 10% and 30% on dental treatments including teeth whitening and veneers. The benefit is available through the Smiles and Town network of dental clinics.

Bad value of the week

Eircom began cutting off broadband services for customers found to be illegally sharing music online this week. This is bad news for consumers - not because they are being prevented from acting illegally online but because it's hard to see this as anything other than a slippery slope. Eircom subscribers should vote with their feet and move to an internet service provider which does not seek to limit their customer's online activities.

Recession rates

Travel Insurance

Annual worldwide multi-trip including USA and Canada and winter sports

Family: Two adults and one child with existing health insurance – €49.09 – €79.26 – €50.04 – €94

Check all of the details regarding what is covered; there is a lot of benefit variance among insurers and some do or don't cover certain risks.