Forever 21, which began with a single shop in Los Angeles, now opens an average of 90 new shops every year; its turnover was $1.7bn in 2008

US fashion retailer Forever 21 has scouted locations in Dublin for a possible opening here, according to retail sources, who believe a deal could be done shortly.

James Ebel of adviser Harper Dennis Hobbs, which is leading the search for European shops, did not return a call for comment last week.

The retailer typically opens shops of between 30,000 and 50,000 square feet. It will open its first European shop in London and is looking for shops in "key cities such as Paris, Milan, Munich, Amsterdam, Vienna, Madrid and Barcelona". It is also looking to open in Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow.

Forever 21 grew out of a shop in Los Angeles called Fashion 21, which opened in 1984. It began opening new shops every six months and eventually changed its name. It opened its first shops outside California in 1995 and now opens an average of 90 new shops every year.

Forever 21 had a turnover of $1.7bn in 2008 and competes with the likes of H&M in offering on-trend items at affordable prices with a quick-turnaround manufacturing time. Denim prices, for example, start below $10, and most other items are priced between $10 and $25.