IT'S all gone a bit Pete Tong for the queen of cool.

Kate Moss's rise, fall, rise has followed a timeline of busts, backlashes, public sympathy, but now, it's confusion. Take away Katie's drugs, and she starts acting like a sap.

Firstly, there's the boyfriend-stealing incident.

When Kate appeared on the slopes of Aspen with her teenage companion Jamie Burke, we all trilled with joy that she found love.

That's until hearing that Jamie's cohabiting model girlfriend learned about the incident on TV. That's just mean.

Then there's the Sienna baiting. Moss was overheard at her 32nd birthday bash in the bar in the Ritz, Paris, bitching loudly about Miller. "Sienna isn't a real model, she's an actress. It should be me doing magazine work; not Sienna. She should just do films, " seethed Moss.

And now Kate has committed the final crime against cool. She's gone and sold her story for $1.8m.

Richard Branson has convinced Moss to publish her life story in a book due out in time for Christmas '06.

What happened to the Kate who never kissed and told? All this sobriety is bringing an alien verbal clarity that we would rather ignore.