IS it a DIY job or does he have it done professionally?

It's a tricky enough procedure, given the shape of his facial hair, and one that would require a certain expertise. You would have thought after all these years of seeing himself on screen and on glossy pages, he would have realised that it looks about as natural as Elton John's plugs.

Why not just let it all hang, Tom? A few grey hairs might be a good look . . . it's worked for George Clooney after all. It might add an air of mystery as opposed to the utter disbelief that at the ripe old age of 65, he doesn't have one grey hair on his head.

If he is so averse to grey hair, does he dye his chest hair as well? Perhaps not an ideal subject for contemplation for the fainthearted but one can't help wondering . . . where does it all end?

Perhaps it's the wife.

Maybe she insists upon it.

But given the delicate styling, it's more likely Tom books himself in for a session with Toni & Guy.

There is no doubt that it's the work of an expert . . .every hair on his head has been teased to perfection to ensure maximum coverage.

Let it go Tom. Those old dolls will still throw their knickers at you, as long as their hip replacements will allow them to get them off.