IT IS difficult to imagine some people ever looking bad. Angelina Jolie is one and up until last week, we would have thought her costar (or whatever their relationship to each other is now) Brad Pitt was another.

No matter what role he took on . . . in Troy, Fight Club or Thelma and Louise . . . Brad always overcame whatever haircut he happened to be sporting. But last week, Brad achieved what we thought was the impossible.

He looked bad, very bad.

Brad got it tragically wrong when he turned up to the premiere of his film Mr & Mrs Smith in Hollywood with bleached hair, more yellow than blonde. His LA tan and yellow crew cut made him look like he was in character as a Thunderbird or worse still, Action Man.

He didn't help matters by wearing a casual leather blouson-style jacket with a grubby t-shirt and jeans.

Perhaps Brad is simply indulging in the classic reaction to a relationship break-up, to dye one's hair, but we would have expected his ex, Jennifer Aniston, to be the one to indulge in dye jobs, considering her stint as the face, or hair, of L'Oreal products.

At least when she looks at her estranged husband now, Aniston must take some comfort, because with hair like this, he's certainly not worth it.