"MICHAEL, Ireland believes in you!" Oh it does, does it? Well, yes, according to Derry man Sean O'Kane, who actually left his job in Liverpool, and hiked his way all the way across to California, bleached blonde hair in tow, just to stand with an Irish flag held aloft and tell his great idol not to worry. The pop star, he told newspapers, was a victim of a discredited US criminal justice system. That's why he, O'Kane was there. It would, you know, make all the difference.

Ireland may believe in many things. Low corporate tax rates. Big cars. Small roads. Bad trains. Ireland may believe in a pint after work on a Friday and a day out at the races on a Sunday, but Ireland, as it happens, does not believe in Michael Jackson. "I'm a supporter first and a fan second, " O'Kane said when he was interviewed. No Sean, dear, you are a fan, a big fan, and you speak for no-one but yourself. If YOU want to stand outside Santa Barbara Courthouse and hold aloft a sign telling Wacko Jacko how much you love him and dream of him at night, that's good for you.

But please, ditch the Irish flag. Most people, on hearing the Jackson verdict, shrugged their shoulders and turned back to Corrie.

Not in our name, Sean. Not in our name.