On her current tour I'm in LA and I'm tired. I just got off a bus from San Francisco. Last night, I played a gig with Stephen Malkmus. You don't sound very impressed. He used to be in Pavement, you know.

I have a better job than you.

On her debut album I've been singing for years, released some EPs, been in covers bands but now I'm just happy to be doing what I've always wanted to do.

On her famous family Loudon, her dad, Rufus her brother, her mum and aunt, the McGarrigle Sisters I'm happy to have the extra attention the family brings. I completely expected it. I'm very close to my family. To deny it would be silly.

On her ambitious brother, Rufus, who recently said he wanted to write an opera that could sit alongside Verdi It's taken several albums for Rufus to reveal his ambitions. He has a grandiose vision and that serves him well. If he hadn't been as ambitious, it could have fallen apart for him.

On his drug problems I have something to learn from them. I've done the whole drinking-too-much thing but I think I got it out of my system.

On therapy I'm not into self help or the 12 steps. You guys in Europe may not be as selfobsessed as us Americans but then again, maybe you're all just in denial.

I think we live a more modern lifestyle in the US.

Anyway, I am ambitious but in a different way.

I want to be a legend but I don't think in this day and age there are artists like Joni Mitchell left.

I guess I'm a kind of slacker chick. A lot of people run around being things they are not. I'm not like that.

On the song 'Bloody Motherf***ing Asshole' . . . apparently inspired by her father He's never said anything to me about it. I played him the album and he is very proud of me. Young songwriters can become very self-obsessed. I think the song is whining on my part. I got into trouble because I dedicated the song to him at a gig. But if it's one thing he's made a career out of it's writing songs about members of the family. I'm a very mature person and I want to write songs that can last.

On sincerity When I play in Dublin I'm going to stay behind after the gig and sign autographs for whoever wants them. It's a great way to sell more records.

Martha Wainwright plays the Village in Dublin on 1 July Her debut album is out now