THE stress of the court case must be taking its toll on Michael Jackson . . . not only is he having a series of bad hair days but he has confused his regular shades with a pair from his Thunderbirds set.

Last week, Jackson abandoned his traditional military garb in favour of something a bit more courtroom chic in an effort to impress the Santa Barbara County jury. Jackson's sunglasses had been the most normal part of his increasingly eccentric wardrobe until he decided to replace them with this rather unusual pair.

The Neverland estate must be ravaged every morning by Jackson as he tries to get the 'I am not a paedophile look' just right.

It's a tough call . . . epaulettes or no epaulettes? Crossyour-heart studded belts and slip-on loafers could be considered a little courtcasual? Sequinned gloves and Band Aids would definitely send the wrong message. After all, the fans . . . all ten of them gathered outside the courthouse . . . have a lot of expectations.

In between feeding the llama and walking the chimp, it's a lot of pressure.

Unfortunately, the fulllength mac and toysunglasses just missed the mark. Somewhere in Neverland there is a puppet without his shades.