WHEN Renee Zellweger married country singer Kenny Chesney on a Caribbean beach earlier this week, more than a few questions sprang to mind. Who did she think she was, dumping our Damien Rice? What sort of a name is Kenny . . . or Chesney, for that matter . . . and should we be concerned that he's one of George Dubya's favourite artists? And was it really wise, given her relationship history, to marry after just four months?

So whirlwind was the wedding indeed, that Renee evidently didn't have much time to plan her wedding dress. Now we're in no way advocating the Bridezilla approach to weddings, where you bore your friends with fabric swatches for a year, but generally it's considered nice to put a little bit of thought and originality into your outfit for the big day. Instead, Renee simply recycled the same old Carolina Herrera dress that, give or take a bow here or a strap there, she drags out for all occasions.

We've already seen it in red (Oscars 2005), black (Golden Globes 2005), blue (Golden Globes 2004), and even white (Oscars 2004).

Surely it's time for her to get out of the dress that emphasises her lollipop figure, and experiment with a new style? And no, a boy in a black cowboy hat and baggy grey pants isn't exactly what we had in mind. . .