I'd like to see the Reaper off. But people shouldn't try and do what I've done with my body, because not everybody can.

Charlie Watts is fine now and he came back firing on all cylinders, maybe to prove a point. If that's what chemo does for you, I'm going in for some.

I couldn't believe the amount of pressure, (to appear at Live 8), even from 10 Downing Street. I was like, "We're finishing the new album and getting ready for the tour . . . sorry, but we can't spare the men".

I've been cast in the role of the rascal and I accept the role gracefully, but everybody changes. The problem is that, when you've been famous for this long you drag all the key events and rumours of your life around with you.

I would take drugs quite responsibly. A nice fix at breakfast, one for elevenses, and another one at teatime . . . it was like breaks at the cricket.

The times I fucked up was when I scored from people I didn't know and the stuff was laced with strychnine.

John Lennon did that, too. He seemed to be in competition with me over drugs, and I never really understood that.

Our daughters, Theodora and Alexandria, have grown up and got their own apartment in the city. For a while we didn't know what to be doing, but then Patti said, "Jesus Christ! We can do want we want! Let's be a couple again, darling!"

Thanks to Johnny Depp, Orson, my five-year-old grandson actually thinks I'm a real pirate. He's coming up just nicely, learning all the right cuss words.