If you think that you can get away with bullshit, you're wrong. You can't live a thoroughly negative life and expect to be a successful person.

You know, my job is entertainment, it's a very simple gig.

To get rid of aggression I have to find some form of clearing my head every day, to get my head into the right space, whether it's yoga, going for a walk or just having a conversation about a completely different subject from acting.

The change in my life that has taken place after becoming a husband and father is massive . . . you start scratching your head and try to work out how you ever lived without 40 or 50 cuddles a day.

I was willing to embrace bohemia when I was a young man and that gave me the freedom to accomplish things: I didn't need a car, I didn't need my own apartment and a mortgage and stuff. I could take risks.

I love my job but it doesn't come with any pretension or any prerequisite. It comes with a single focus . . . are you prepared to work as hard as it takes to get the job done?

I don't think anyone can go through life without getting things wrong now and again but it's never my intention to do anything negative to anyone or to hurt anyone.

I use the word 'yoga' and people still react as if it's new-agey . . . when are we going to get a level of integrity that takes into account a whole load of different philosophies?

I'd like a dozen children but I'm not the only one involved so we'll have to see.