Must View
Downfall DVD

Hitler, alive and unwell. It sounds chilling, but Bruno Ganz's depiction of the Nazi leader as a frail, neurotic and fallen dictator in the last days before his bunker suicide is mesmerising in what is one of the finest war movies ever made.

Nominated for a 2005 Academy Award for best foreign language film, it also announced Oliver Hirchbiegel as a director to watch.

Must Surf. . .
Yoox. com

Eddie Hobbs is looking sartorially sharp since his unofficial appointment as Ireland's tsar of consumer rights.

Whether he shops at yoox. com though, we'll probably never know, but this is the sort of thing he'd love . . . last season's designer stock from 15 chic labels (from Dolce & Gabbana to Jean Paul Gaultier) at the sort of prices that would put Grafton Street out of business. It also caters for men as well as women. Now there's a good deal.

Must Hear. . .
Takk by Sigur Ros

While their last album had no song titles, and their music defies adjectives, Sigur Ros have also been compared to everything from whale music to the sound ice sheets make when crashing into the Atlantic. Takk, which means thanks in Icelandic, is their third and best album and is well worth exploring, packed with their ethereal songscapes and haunting vocals.

Must See. . .
Yeats lunchtime plays

National Library of Ireland, Monday to Friday, 1.10pm, 6 Yeats himself would have approved of this suitably atmospheric venue for the staging of his plays. Here, the Dublin Lyric Players will perform both 'The Only Jealousy of Emer' and 'The Death of Cuchulain' (Yeats' last play) each lunchtime for the price of just a coffee and sandwich.