I do nothing on a Sunday!

Or rather, that's the goal.

At the moment, I'm in London doing X Factor on a Saturday so I'll wake in my apartment in St John's Wood around noon . . . I'm always a late riser, but ironically, Sundays are earlier than during the week. Usually, my first conversation will be with Simon Cowell. He'll call at lunchtime and we'll have a bit of 'Pantomime Dame' banter going through all that happened . . . on and off the cameras.

I've had a bit of a love/hate relationship with my London home, but right now I've been doing it up and am very positive.

There's new art on the walls, greenery on the balcony and extra furniture, so it's very easy to just sink into a sofa and let the hours pass. I will have the TV on all day . . . E4 is a favourite. I was utterly hooked on Big Brother this yearf I was invited to Craig's birthday party and hope I'll be around for it.

I always eat out on a Sunday. Brunch will be in Raul's in Maida Vale or, if I'm in Dublin, I love Nosh in Dalkey or The Espresso Bar on Mary's Road.

Breakfast is always a fry, white toast, orange juice and lots of lattes. I don't generally get hassled and tend to be noticed more in the UK than at home.

I like to be alone for the first half of a Sunday, and then with people for the latter part. If in Ireland, I adore heading to Wicklow or Enniskerry for a walk with non-industry friends and catch up on what's going on in the 'real' world.

Every Sunday I swear I'm going to adopt a healthier life, eat properly, exercise more, all that. I never succeed! I don't bother with shopping except maybe on early Sunday evening, when I go to HMV or Tower for books and CDs. I won't generally do any 'work' other than research and a few calls.

Dinner is out. In London, that could be Alistair Little in Frith Street or The Bluebird on the King's Road. If I'm 'doing the posh' it'll be Cipriani or The Ivy. In Dublin, I might go back to The Espresso Bar, or I like Frank or The Four Seasons. I usually eat with friends and it'll be comfort food.

With X Factor, I'm often booked for TVAM on a Monday, which should mean an early night, but I'm incapable of going to bed before 2.30-3am. I've officially announced I'm over nightclubs, although I've been to Spirit on a Sunday a few times lately. I like to be able to talk when I go out, and I'm sick of the boom boom boom! So, I'll settle in front of E4 for their Second Chance Sunday and catch up on all I missed during the week. I also love Sky News, Larry King and the E! Channel.

And DVD box sets . . . I'm a sucker for them.

I always save the colour supplements for bedtime, when I'm about to drop off.

I suppose I could crack a smart comment here, but I'll leave that to youf