In the pop world, barely a day goes by without a 'Sugababes Split?' story, so the most surprising thing about this latest news is the headline has no question mark. Yes, Mutya Buena . . .notoriously 'the bitchiest' of the not-so-sweet babes . . .has bailed.

But the Queen B was not bullied out of the group, like one-time member Siobhan Donaghy. Twenty-year-old Mutya left to take care of her baby daughter. Mutya was at the centre of the backstage scrap with her co-members at the Olympia in Dublin, when the band cancelled their gigs shortly before going on stage, and temporarily split, all due to an argument over the merits of Britney Spears' 'Toxic'. Replacement Heidi later revealed that the catfight scenes in her first video 'Freak Like Me' were a little more genuine than she would've liked, orchestrated by Mutya as her 'initiation'. Lovely Mutya's replacement has already been chosen, so The Sugababes now have one original member. Will even the last woman standing be missed? No. This isn't a band, it's a franchise. As as long as the production team keep cranking out the tunes, who cares who's singing them?