Deal of the week

Check out the Aer Lingus autumn sale with excellent fares available to both Europe and America. The European fares, which range from €19.99 for nine destinations in Britain to €39.99 for destinations across eastern Europe and €69.99 for a number of popular sun holiday destinations are available until midnight tomorrow, with travel between 1 September and 26 March. However, the US flights, which include one-way fares to New York for just €199 and Boston for €209 will be available until Monday 5 July. All fares includes taxes and charges.

Tip of the week

If you are going to London soon and are thinking of buying an Oyster card in advance, think again. Oyster cards effectively halve the cost of journeys on the tube and train and are a must-buy for visitors to London. Indeed, the British tourist authority actively encourages visitors to buy them in advance. However, do that rather than when you land in London and you will end up paying postage and packing, which means you ultimately pay £5 (€6) for something that's available readily in London for £3 (€3.66).

Bad value of the week

Ticketmaster's attitude toward its customers never fails to amaze. Having booked tickets to an event in the UK three weeks ago, a Sunday Tribune reader anxiously awaited their arrival in the mail. Except with just days to go to the event, they hadn't been sent and there wasn't a hope of them getting to Ireland in time. Having been ignored on email, they eventually got through to speak to someone (having listened to an ominous warning that Ticketmaster does not make refunds) and the tickets were changed for collection at the venue. Was there a refund offered for the fee charged for postage? Not a hope – infuriating.

Recession rates


A holiday where you stay put (or at least don't leave the country)

This has become a really popular option with people realising that Ireland is a popular tourist destination internationally and that most of us have not seen all it has to offer.

Travel Insurance

Family (two adults, two children) annual multi-trip travel insurance

worldwide including the USA & Canada

(To qualify for these prices you must have private health insurance as well as be resident in the Republic of Ireland.) €56.70 €67 €77.10 €133.68