COULD Fiat soon have a number one? The Italian auto-giant has announced plans to build another Uno. Now a second generation Uno is to go into production in Brazil but is a totally different model aimed initially at markets in South America and Russia.

Fiat has yet to say whether the budget-priced model will be marketed in Europe. The company may note Renault's plans to launch their budget-priced Dacia brand range in western Europe. An even cheaper Indian car from new Jaguar / Land Rover owners, TATA (Nano) will go on sale in Europe within two years.

The first Uno was launched in Florida and was successful for Fiat. Production ceased in 1995 when the Punto arrived.

The new Uno is a larger and more spacious model. It has 280 litres of boot space and will slot in between the Panda and the Grande Punto. There is a crossover version called the Way which has high ground clearance and a strong bumper line.

The new front-wheel-drive model will be powered by high economy torquey 'fuel-flex' engines with the base model getting a 1.0 litre 75 bhp power plant. There will also be a 1.4 litre 88 bhp unit.