Doon and Craig Doyle: delighted

RTE Saturday Night Show host Craig Doyle is expecting his fourth child, he has revealed.

The TV personality says his wife Doon only discovered the news last week. The development is likely to prompt Doyle to return to Ireland full time.

"Our fourth baby is due this November so obviously this is going to affect what I do when it comes to working with ITV. We will deal with all that when it comes along, but we are just delighted at the moment."

Doyle is currently in the middle of his eight week run as presenter of RTE's Saturday night chat show.

The show last week saw a rise of 22,000 viewers on the week before, making him more successful than his predecessor Brendan O'Connor.

"It is all just a learning experience for me at this stage; I am used to doing things on my own rather than working with a team, so it's all quite new. Of course I am delighted at the figures but it has been quite stressful as well"

Doyle says that although there is a certain amount of competition between himself and Late Late presenter Ryan Tubridy for guests, there have not been any conflict.

"There were reports saying we were fighting with the Late Late Show to get Cheryl Cole to make an appearance. In fact, we never even put the request for her. We don't want to be asking someone what it felt like to have their husband cheat on them.

"Irish guests are proving to be more popular than these big international stars, and we don't want politicians and that sort on the show so in fact it is all working out well."

The TV personality says he is now concentrating on finishing his remaining four weeks and on his new arrival.