December 26, 2010
VOL 27 NO 52
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The soft-spoken drifter was homeless and needed money. To help him out, the concerned couple gave him $5 for a day's work, repairing the roof of, and raking leaves outside, their home in Salt ... more
Suicide and fishing: how life turned out for the Madoff sons
The fiancée of Bernard Madoff's surviving son has provided a glimpse of life in the shadow of history's biggest fraud, revealing how Andrew Madoff has thrown himself into music and new business ventures as a whirlwind of recrimination continues to swirl around him.

The intimate portrait presented ... more
Global News
The angry earth

Experts fear massive eruption in distant far east of Russia

The volcano Kizimen, located in the Kamchatka Peninsula, spewed ashes as high as 10km into sky and the western slope of the mountain was covered with ash. Specialists don't rule out the possibility of a massive ... more


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