January 16, 2011
VOL 28 NO 3
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The Fix - This Week's Greatest Hits
December 26, 2010
Kitchen - Super dry
For myriad reasons, January should be all about the nesting: bank balances and bodies need to recover and there's a good chance you've received some ...
Get with the programme...
December 26, 2010
Lost ended
This was the year in which Lost's rabid fan-base finally felt the sweet release of cancelation (okay it wasn't cancelled, it had a 'natural death'). Anyway ...
Question Time, Craig Doyle, 40, TV Presenter
December 26, 2010
What did you have for breakfast today?

I'm hungover and as a punishment have to mind my youngest two kids, so I have not eaten yet, but have downed ...
2010 in Film
December 26, 2010
Leonardo Di Caprio inside a dream inside a dream inside a dream inside a dream (inside a dream?); Ryan Reynolds inside a coffin buried six feet underground with nothing but ...
Eventual thaw spells good news after winter travel mayhem
December 26, 2010
It's far from sunbathing weather, but it helps.

A welcome bout of relatively milder weather is expected to travel across the Atlantic from the US before arriving in Ireland ...
Hello, hello, Tom Dunne -
December 26, 2010
Christmas warning: if you do decide to brave the sales today and have on your list a new winter coat, be afraid. They don't make winter coats like they ...
Fears Australia 'abuse' priest is working in Ireland
December 26, 2010
CONCERNS have been raised that a Sydney-based Irish priest ? who the church found guilty of sexually abusing two girls – continues to travel between Ireland and Australia and is not ...
Test your 2010 knowledge with our Christmas quiz
December 26, 2010
1. Helena Christensen starred in the short romantic film, Away We Stay, with what male model?
2. Cheryl Cole has been romantically linked to dancer Derek Hough. What US ...
Twankey panky
December 26, 2010
The Cheerios Panto: Beauty and the Beast

Tivoli Theatre, Dublin, Until 16 January, tivoli.ie

BRian Dowling from Big Brother is wearing a dress and is trying to force me ...
Hats (And Tails) Off As Anne Gets Intimate
December 26, 2010
'Look, she's completely comfort-able with her body," says Ed Zwick. "She has a healthy attitude towards sex and sexuality. She's natural about it. It's casual in the ...
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