[Success] doesn't go to my head because I know in three months I'll get whooped up the arse again.

It's been like that for seven years.

Two-thirds of our kids on this year's Fifteen Foundation training scheme are from prison or on loan from prison. A quarter are officially homeless.

Our kids deserve the best of the best . . . to be passionate and clever and resourceful I didn't fucking do Jamie's School Dinners to be a pissy little thing.

I did it to make change.

That's the only thing that kept me going last year when I was miserable. It was hard; it was frustrating.

It's very nice that it's all very positive at the moment. But this isn't really about me. This is like, if you disagree with what I'm doing not only are you a total wanker but you're a thick ignorant wanker. How can you argue about such a fundamental cog of this country?

My motivation for Jamie's School Dinners was anger, pure anger . . . from being connected to the food industry and being a dad.

In the haze of it all I knew what we were doing was important. I knew that I should feel good about it, but I felt shit every day. But in the way it was edited, those four programmes . . . fuck it, I'll be big-headed . . . were brilliant and clever and honest.

Why do I do [these interviews]? Because I have Dutch or Brazilian publishers or broadcasters or top magazines or whatever breaking my PR's balls every fucking day to get a little chat.