Cancer 21.06 - 22.07

With the moon in fun-loving, airy Gemini today and tomorrow, you'll need to get out and about and free of any limiting restrictions. Just having a barbecue out of doors may be a good idea. On Wednesday there's a new moon in your sign, so family and roots will be the focus for you for the next four weeks. Returning to old haunts, being with extended family, and home-based activities should be your priorities. Your dreams may give you important messages this week, with Neptune's help on Thursday and Friday. Try to interpret them.

Leo 23.07 - 22.08

You must be disciplined in your actions early this week, Leo, or you could say or do something thoughtlessly which later rebounds on you. By Wednesday and Thursday, however, you should be in your elements, enjoying being the centre of attention and surrounding yourself by family and friends. Don't be too proud to ask for their support. The moon is in Leo on Friday and Saturday, so it's party time.

Virgo 23.08 - 22.09

If you need to catch up on things, use the helpful energies floating about you today and tomorrow. You may want to reminisce with family and friends mid-week when the new moon begins to develop in Cancer, so take some time to relax with those you love. Don't cling on to past hurts, simply look on them as lessons to learn.

By the weekend, you should be feeling quite lighthearted, so enjoy every moment.

Libra 23.09 - 21.10

Perhaps it's time you got out more and socialised, Libra?

If you feel stuck and lonesome, the only way to change this is to make the change yourself, and early this week the helpful Gemini moon should give you all the best chat-up lines. By Wednesday, the new moon may encourage you to retreat away from the madding crowd, but why not surround yourself with loving family and supportive friends at this time?

Scorpio 23.10 - 21.11

If you find out something secret tomorrow, restrain yourself from spreading it about or you could live to regret the impulse.

Discretion is the answer here. A bit of sibling rivalry may come to the surface mid-week, so try not to retaliate, instead show compassion and understanding and you can then re-structure your relationships and enjoy your family's support and love.

Wednesday's new moon may tempt you to try to control events. Don't.

Sagittarius 22.11 - 21.12

If you're involved in meetings early this week it's best to keep to a tight agenda and not allow anyone veer off into the great unknown, otherwise nothing will be achieved except the wastage of time.

Your family situation may drive you a little crazy midweek. Don't let anyone try to manipulate you by flinging compliments in your direction. Be realistic and have second thoughts before agreeing to anything.

Capricorn 22.12 - 20.01

This is a good time for getting people together and exchanging ideas, but do keep control of what's going on or it could end up with simply a lot of hot air blowing about. Wednesday's new moon suggests you may be extra-concerned about your family. If you feel they need extra attention, give it, rather than waste energy in anxiety. Being an earth sign, your stability can help others regain their equilibrium.

Aquarius 21.01 - 18.02

You're a natural communicator so use today and tomorrow to exchange ideas and explain your beliefs to others. As an air sign, you're not very emotionally explicit, so sometimes you may give the impression you are detached from those you care about. Don't forget to let people know how you feel, otherwise they may get the wrong message. By Friday and Saturday it's party time, when you should enjoy being the centre of attention.

Pisces 19.02 - 20.03

Things should be hotting up for you right now in your career. Delegate, or at least ask for help or advice, for you need to get a good handle of things now so that in the coming weeks you can handle any extra workload. Wednesday's new moon helps you share love and affection with your family. Don't allow anyone to manipulate you, though . . . do what is necessary but keep time to yourself.

Aries 21.03 - 20.04

You should be feeling quite upbeat at the moment. If ideas are part of your job, set up a meeting to 'brainstorm'. Keep a tight control on the proceedings, otherwise brilliant ideas could simply dissolve away.

Your role in the family may cause you some concern mid-week. Being a fire sign, you're all action, but sometimes it's vital to show you have emotions, too.

Taurus 21.04 - 20.05

Try not to judge anyone tomorrow, Taurus, or your irritation may cause ill feeling and scupper your chances of making new friends. You should feel much happier by Wednesday, when the new moon makes you feel secure in the comfort of your family. Stay away from power issues on Friday . . .

they're not worth fighting over.

Gemini 21.05 - 20.06

You may be feeling slightly anxious early this week, as events may seem out of your control. Don't panic . . . by Wednesday things settle down and, with the new moon in your sign (as well as the sun), life should be looking pretty stable. Why not arrange a gathering of family and close friends so that you can enjoy sharing your nurturing skills and gentle conversation?