I discovered David Bowie in my early teens. I can remember a time when I owned everything he'd put out, and he put out a lot of music. I'd dye my hair whatever colour his was.

I've since met him at a concert.

I became a TV star when I was very young, playing the dashing rogue in Chancer. After a couple of series my instinct told me to get out of television.

I met my wife Sarah playing Romeo to her Juliet at the Young Vic. We have two daughters Hannah and Eve.

I was thrilled to get a Golden Globe for Closer. I never expected anything.

It's tough material. It has crackling dialogue, which you don't hear that much in movies any more.

I'm as near as you can get to a good guy in Sin City.

Being chased by photographers is part of the game. I experienced it way back when I was in Chancer.

I'm intuitive about what I do. Sometimes I'm sent scripts everyone tells me are wonderful, but I don't get it. I'm discovering more and more that your appetite for something is the best thing you've got as an actor.

The next movie I'm doing is in New York, but a good portion of it is during the summer holidays so the kids can come. It's Spike Lee's The Inside Man, a bank heist story with Denzel Washing-ton and Jodie Foster. After that I'm in London again for Alfonso Cuaron's Children of Men. It's set in the future. Nobody quite knows why but women have stopped becoming pregnant. I'm a reluctant hero who ends up with the only pregnant woman on the planet.

Clive Owen is currently starring in 'Sin City'.