IF it wasn't for the 2005 sign behind her you could be forgiven for thinking it was 1955. Is there no one to give Princess Anne some honest advice? Doesn't she have any friends who might delicately suggest that sometimes a change is as good as a rest?

She may not want to frighten the horses but surely her four-legged friends would appreciate a new style? Ever since she appeared in public life, Princess Anne has had this particular hairstyle and although it perhaps wouldn't be wise to be seen spending the British taxpayer's money in Toni & Guy every week, surely no one would begrudge her a new 'do'?

Perhaps she's hiding something in there . . . like spare speeches? Or a little snack in case she gets peckish? Undoubtedly such a style has its practical benefits . . . but a new style would take years off her. Maybe she thinks that because she has been sporting this look since her girlhood it is in some way youthful.

Not so, Anne needs a chic bob. Just because Chirac slagged off British cuisine doesn't mean to say she shouldn't take a leaf out his countrywomen's book and shear those tired old locks.