IF HE was led astray once, Victoria seems to be determined that it won't happen again. Last week she and her wayward husband were snapped leaving Claridges Hotel in London as they made their way to Elton John's White Tie and Tiara Charity Ball.

The Beckhams can usually be relied upon for an up close and personal picture; always eager to protect their brand, the pair are invariably pictured holding hands and draped across each other.

No sooner had the allegations of his affair with former personal assistant Rebecca Loos hit the headlines than Victoria was ushering David along the nearest red carpet.

Over the last 12 months the tabloid press have reported a number of David's indiscretions and no sooner is the ink dry than the pair are seen canoodling on the beach or walking hand in hand.

However, this moment in time provides a new insight into their very public relationship.

Victoria is unquestionably leading her previously wayward husband while he follows guiltily behind, his eyes downcast.

Their choice of apparel is also revelatory; Victoria appears fragile and dolllike trussed up in a Roberto Cavalli dress patterned with a design traditionally associated with a china plate while David looks as though he's about to take to the stage in Las Vegas.

Despite Victoria's delicate stature she is clearly leading the couple ahead; David might be the one wearing the trousers but it's only because Victoria dressed him in them.