IT seems some people will never learn. You'd think that most couples would have gotten the hint after marrying and divorcing twice; at a push, most women would probably decide after being beaten in front of their young children that it was the end of the line for that particular relationship. But not the ever-optimistic Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee who are set to tie the knot for the third time. Pammy's current, sorry, former beau Stephen Dorff is said to be devastated by her reunion with Lee and had previously told friends he was going to marry Pammy himself.

Anderson and Lee first married on a beach in 1995 just a few days after meeting but, unsurprisingly, divorced within a matter of months. They married again shortly afterwards and had two sons together, this time lasting until 1998, when they divorced for a second time. Since then they had been thought to be happily estranged until Pammy and Tommy were spotted on holiday together in Hawaii. Motley Crue drummer Lee confirmed last week that they would remarry but no date was set. Let's hope it will be third time lucky for the pair and that spousal abuse conviction that Lee served time for will remain a blot on marriage number, er, two.