Danielle and Alan O'Reilly: Alan proposed after I nearly drowned snorkelling in the Red Sea

"The last memory we had of the camera was when we were having a drink in the bar at Dublin Airport after coming back from our honeymoon and we asked someone to take a photo of us to mark the end of the trip before getting a taxi back home. We realised the camera was missing shortly after getting home and were gutted but presumed it was either in the taxi or at the airport. My husband Alan spent four hours at Dublin Airport the next day looking for the camera but there was no sign of it. He also tracked down the taxi driver who didn't have it either. To be honest, it put a bit of a dampener on the honeymoon. We were both very upset at losing the photographs of our cruise, which had been amazing. Our wedding had been amazing too.

We got married on 15 July. We'd been together for 12 years so everybody had been waiting a long time for this day. Alan asked me to marry him while we were on a snorkelling holiday in Egypt's Red Sea.

We'd come across a gorgeous coral reef at the end of a beach and decided to go snorkelling there but didn't realise the reef had very dangerous currents. I ended up getting caught in a current and being dragged out to sea. A couple of lifeguards spotted us and got in the water to save us but on the way out with the rope and the ring the rope snapped so the lifeguard who'd swam out to me ended up in trouble as well.

Alan couldn't do a thing because he'd gotten stuck on the corner of some coral. It was terrible because at one stage he couldn't see my head and thought I was gone.

Eventually the lifeguard who came out to save me managed to climb up onto the coral and drag me up with him. The fright of nearly losing me prompted Alan to propose a week later.

We were back snorkelling after the near-drowning incident and he swam underneath me wearing a tee-shirt saying "Will you marry me". He'd a ring with him and everything, not the real one of course. That was four years ago. The recession forced us to put the wedding on the long finger but we got our dream day and honeymoon eventually.

A week after losing the camera and putting ads up everywhere, Alan got a phone call from a friend who said he'd seen our photo pinned up in our local shop with a notice saying "Camera Found". It turned out a guy in our neighbourhood had found it in the middle of the road just around the corner from our house, which is really weird. We can't figure out how it fell out of the car. We'd gone straight from the airport to our house in a taxi and didn't stop en route.

Anyway, we were just glad to get it back. The local guy was so good for going to the trouble of printing one of the honeymoon photos to try and identify us and return the camera. He wouldn't accept a reward but we gave him a bottle of whiskey anyway. The relief we felt was amazing but as it turned out, the relief was short-lived and we nearly lost the photos again.

I was in Supermac's on my break from work a few days later and a woman stole my bag from under the table – unfortunately I had the camera in the bag. It all happened so quickly. Lucky enough I noticed it straight away and ran after her. I managed to pull it back from her. After all that stress I still had to go back to work and didn't see the point in getting the police involved because I had my bag and the camera back and that was all I cared about.

I'm definitely going to print the photographs as soon as possible before our luck runs out.