Deal of the Week

A reader contacted us with a story that shows how customer service should be done. He bought a battery-operated radio in Lidl for €8 recently only to find it was gobbling up batteries at an alarming rate, and contacted the makers in Germany to invoke the warranty. The customer service adviser told him to dispose of the radio and within a week a new one arrived by courier – all for an €8 radio. That's real customer service.

Tip of the Week

If the recent increase in the cost of health insurance is pricing you out of the market, another option is the HSF Health Plan. It offers a low-cost alternative to health insurance if you want cash back on everyday health costs and are happy to go with the public health service should a medical procedure be required. Premiums can be as low as €9.50 a month. See for more.

Bad Value of the Week

If you're planning on shopping in SuperValu keep an eye on the prices you're getting charged at the till. On two consecutive days recently, different specials in the supermarket did not show up while the products were being scanned and would have resulted in overcharging if they hadn't been spotted. Not checking your receipt after you've used the supermarket could prove costly.

Cycle rates

You can take bikes on the Dart at off-peak times ( In Dublin you can use Dublin Bikes for €10 a year ( Under the cycle to work scheme ( up to €1,000 can be spent on a bike and equipment. If the bike is bought by the employer, it can be claimed as a tax-exempt benefit in kind. If it is financed via a salary sacrifice, the employee saves on tax, levies and PRSI.