The Scottish Premier League is hugely reliant on Setanta Sports, which owes the SPL £13.5m this year, plus almost double the money of the previous deal at £150m for the next four years from 2010
From boom to 'what now?' - Fuelled by their own appetite for Irish sports , ex-pats Michael O'Rourke and Leonard Ryan (below) acquired rights for the Ireland-Holland World Cup match and showed it in the Top Hat dance hall in London's Ealing in 1990 for a fiver per punter. Setanta Sports was founded two years later and international expansion began soon after. Scoring big EPL TV rights for 2007-2009 and the SPL rights took it into the bigtime. Losing the juicier matches for the 2010-2012 EPL games, coupled with recession woes left its future hanging in the balance.