As a resident of the area since 1965, I am astounded at the cheek of Fianna Fáil and Peter O'Brien in defending his indefensible action in hanging his election posters in Glasthule/Sandycove against the wishes of the local representatives (News, 17 May). When will these people ever learn? I exclude Cllr Cormac Devlin FF from this criticism as he complied, as did contenders from the other parties, and it would be unfair to him.

I am fully aware of Margaret Browne's efforts to make life easier for those in need. I am appalled that a newcomer seeking political office should attack this highly respected woman who has worked tirelessly for the community. Also that this contender should so disrespect the wishes of the community that he is seeking election to serve. The comments on Mrs Browne must be withdrawn and an apology issued. I drove past her recently in Glasthule on a Sunday morning carrying a bucket and brush having spent time in cleaning the area. Shortly afterwards she was admitted to hospital with a severe infection. Fianna Fáil and Peter O'Brien should apologise publicly to this voluntary worker. Mr O'Brien or any other FF member is more than welcome to come and clean my road after the elections. I have no doubt they all will have time to spare.

Fianna Fáil must apologise publicly to Mrs Browne and to the local residents for this intrusion. That Minister Hanafin's personal assistant Peter O'Brien would accuse this lady of a personal agenda is offensive and untrue. The Dún Laoghaire voters who respect and appreciate Margaret Browne's efforts on our behalf
will expect no less.

Full marks to the Sunday Tribune and Mark Hilliard for publishing this story.

Grainne Kenny,

Arnold Grove,

Glenageary, Dún Laoghaire.