You would think that once an incident of this nature has ended, the worst of the situation would have passed. But from a personal perspective, as the victim, what came afterwards with gardaí was hardly an easier experience.

The incident took place on a Friday evening. I was sitting on the bus which was almost empty when the foreign man in question sat beside me, acting very suspiciously.

He laid his shabby coat and bag out, making continuous attempts to tuck himself into the coat and cover his whole body. I could see there was a lot of movement under his coat.

He put his hand on my leg and a confrontation ensued between myself, the man and another passenger who intervened. He ran off the bus immediately.

It was put to me that I could pursue it and, given that this man was clearly a future danger to other women, I did.

I was referred to Cabra garda station. There, I was told that because I lived near Finglas, I would have to take the matter up with Finglas garda station.

When I approached this station, I was told by a highly perplexed male garda ? after telling him the full details of the incident ? that they could not take my complaint because the incident happened near Mountjoy. I was referred to Mountjoy garda station where I was greeted by an even more baffled female garda who told me she could not take my complaint, even after hearing all the details, and would call me back when she figured out who could.

I have heard nothing since.

Thankfully Store Street garda station, which I went into on the off chance they would be in a position to help, initiated an investigation right away.

They apologised for the problems I had encountered with the other garda stations.

They had to make extensive enquiries however, as the CCTV footage is usually deleted within four days.

The delay and problems with the guards could easily have turned this into an unreported case.

I contacted the garda press office to tell them I was writig this article.

A spokesman replied: "First let me apologise if any inconvenience or distress was caused. It is standard procedure that crimes are investigated by garda members from the district where the incident occurred.

"There may have been some confusion when the precise location was not initially known. Please be assured that your complaint is being fully investigated and you will be notified of any updates".