A GARDA superintendent and a former garda were arrested and handcuffed at Dublin airport within three days of each other by airport police following minor traffic incidents and are now considering taking legal action about how they were treated.

On 27 August, an off-duty superintendent was asked to move his car in the airport's multi-storey carpark. A verbal altercation ensued and the garda, who refused to identify himself, was arrested and handcuffed by airport police for failing to adhere to by-laws within the airport.

He was then "frog-marched" through the airport and handed over to local gardaí, who have a station within the airport. He was released without charge shortly after this.

Three days later, a retired garda failed to stop at a pedestrian walkway at the departures road at the airport.

The airport policeman attempted to stop the former garda crossing the road because of traffic but he "darted out" regardless.

Again, a verbal altercation ensued and this man was also arrested, handcuffed, walked through the airport and handed over to gardaí. Soon after, he too was released without charge.

By-laws exist within Dublin airport giving airport police the authority to arrest people before handing them over to gardaí.

A spokeswoman for Aer Rianta said: "Two members of the public were arrested in these incidents. As far as we're concerned, procedures were followed in the two cases. Airport police have powers of arrest. The by-laws are there and anyone in contravention of them can be arrested."

It is understood that the superintendent and former garda arrested are unhappy at how they were treated by the airport police and both are exploring whether legal action is a possibility.