Muhammad Ali

I'm suitably nervous but extremely excited

Ryan Tubridy ahead of his first night as the host of the Late Late Show

This is not about the future of the government or personalities. It's about the future of the country

Taoiseach Brian Cowen speaking at the launch of the Fianna Fáil Yes campaign for the second Lisbon referendum

We don't see ourselves as the ref in that sense, nor we do not see ourselves in the way we were portrayed as last week as the givers-out of red and yellow cards

Justice Frank Clarke of the Referendum Commission on the war of words between the Yes and No side on the Lisbon referendum

Now that we know that Muhammad is an Ennis man, we will be back

Muhammad Ali's wife Lonnie speaking in Ennis last week

The players were quite happy. The taller ones were at the front and the smaller behind

An FAI spokesman commenting on how seven Irish soccer players were relegated from first class to business class on a flight to Cyprus ahead of their World Cup qualifier last night

It is a responsible thing to do. People are going to be drunk and things will happen

A spokeswoman for the debs committee of St Vincent's Secondary School on Cork's northside who provided condoms for students attending the debs

I was never under any illusion but that it would be difficult to secure this but I do think we can do it

Foreign affairs minister Michaél Martin, director of Fianna Fáil's Yes to Lisbon campaign

The main stages are almost secondary now to the event. You have comedy, circus, art installation and so many other things to do as a family

Avril Stanley who runs the Electric Picnic music festival's Body and Soul area

She has said to me that she misses the girls, that she loves them and her feeling was they became a family

Nancy Garrido's lawyer Gilbert Maines. Along with her husband Philip, she has been charged in relation to the abduction and sexual assault of Jaycee Lee Dugard, who had two children with her captor Philip Garrido during 18 years in captivity

Was this woman, who at home would literally say things that did not make sense, really running for vice-president?

Levi Johnston recalls his thoughts when he heard that his then girlfriend's mother Sarah Palin would be running for vice-president of the USA