I feel I must comment on the irresponsible article 'A pill for every ill' (News, 30 August) by Ali Bracken. As a GP who has an interest in mental health I feel very strongly that this article was damaging potentially both to the doctors involved and to patients who may be genuinely depressed.

Firstly, as doctors we take patients at face value and believe what they say; that is taken as being part of the contract between patient and doctor.

Secondly, there is no indication as to what research or clinical advice was taken before concocting Ms Bracken's story – the headline states that she presented as mild depression but from her story of three major life events and the summary of the symptoms she described it may well be that she presented as moderate to severe depression. The depression rating scales correctly used by some of the doctors (and disparagingly referred to by Ms Bracken) give an indication of this.

I feel that this article would have been of much more value had it been undertaken with the participation of the ICGP [Irish College of General Practitioners] or similar professional body. Instead it has served only to trivialise and sensationalise a very serious problem.

Dr Liam Foy,

Quayside Medical Practice,