Garret FitzGerald has been and remains my political soul-guide. Ray McSharry did carry out the necessary nauseous shovel-work in 1987-1989. But when they tell us to leave the present crowd 'at it' at least until the new year, sadly they show that they are completely out of touch with the current 'mood' of the plain people of Ireland.

Having given the present government the benefit of the doubt, the public gave its managerial evaluation and verdict on 5 June. The Nama controversy (and such seemingly trivial distractions as John O'Donoghue's expenses) have not improved matters.

And there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. The least we can expect is a sour, suspicious, begrudging autumn and winter of increasing discontent and non-cooperation. We are being sleepwalked towards ungovernability.

When the Dáil returns on 16 September, there is nothing constitutional or procedural (this is indeed the very basis and prompt of Garret's worried warning) to prevent it postponing the legislation on the banking system, calling Brian Cowen to account and accepting his resignation.

And, if the president exercises her prerogative not to call an election, no bar to nominating a fresh taoiseach from the Opposition benches.

Of course, this requires that a dozen or more TDs currently supporting Brian Cowen's failed entity think – and do – the 'unthinkable'. Work with the opposition to give this country a fresh start. A possible 'Obama moment'.

The plain people of Ireland plead with them to respond appropriately.

Maurice O'Connell,


Co Kerry.