Plans are underway to install satellite navigation devices in all Dublin Fire Brigade vehicles, a spokeswoman has confirmed.

Although some vehicles have the devices installed, not all units possess the electronic maps.

According to a spokeswoman for the Dublin Fire Brigade: "Satellite navigation is employed on some Dublin Fire Brigade vehicles and there are plans to extend it to all vehicles. Our Regional Control Centre uses a full mapping software system that provides the most up-to-date and accurate street index to mobilising crews while responding to an incident."

The development comes after an increase in emergency-service call-outs during the recent cold weather.

The case of one woman, who lives in Dublin, highlighted the mapping problems. There was a small domestic fire in her home over Christmas and the fire brigade had difficulty locating her house after losing the relevant page on its map. Fire personnel complained on arrival that there was no satellite navigation for their vehicles to assist them.

The icy conditions have also led to an increase in chimney fires around the country, resulting in increased pressure on Ireland's fire services. Wexford Fire Services said it had been called out to deal with a large number of chimney fires as a result of the weather. According to a spokesman, the service was also summoned to put out a number of kitchen fires in the Wexford area.

"People are lighting more fires during the cold weather and keeping fires going for longer, so you are going to get a sharp increase in the amount of fire call-outs," said a spokesman.

County councils around the country have urged those stuck at home to keep their chimneys clean as fire services struggle to deal with the increased demand.