Maradona's earring

Siedziec! RSPCA rescue collie dog that speaks Polish

Staff at an RSPCA centre in Manchester were convinced a rescued collie dog was deaf when he couldn't understand basic commands, but looking through his record they realized he had come from a Polish family and didn't 'speak' English. Workers learned some Polish commands from the internet and Cent, the dog, quickly complied. Workers at the centre are now 'teaching' him English, in order to make it easier for him to settle into a new home after being in the kennels for four months.

Hippo not at loose! He's just enjoying a break during floods

Montenegro's only hippo escaped this week after floods outside the capital Podgorica. Nikica swam from her cage when flooding hit the zoo. Although still at large near the zoo, guards are keeping an eye on her and locals are bringing her food until the waters recede.

Warsaw tax office forces prostitute to pay her dues

In Warsaw, Poland's tax office is penalising a prostitute who failed to declare income and pay tax. The woman from Katowice has been fined over €567,000 from earnings of over €3.5m she made as a prostitute. The woman told the tax office she had very "generous" customers.

A diamond on and off the pitch

Maradona's earring is auctioned for €25,000 in Rome to pay for the former footballer's tax arrears in Italy.