With respect, I must disagree with David Kenny's assessment of John Gormley and the Green Party (News, 16 January). The Greens are staying in government to put through the most draconian budget in the history of the state, in the interest of the country, not the party, and should be applauded. The cynical thing to do would be to jump ship, as Labour did in 1987, but to their credit they are staying to see through the finance bill.

John Gormley has, through the planning bill, ensured community-focused sustainable planning is now a legal requirement. It's a pity Green Party policies were not taken seriously at the start of the Celtic Tiger – we would not now have 120,000 houses in ghost estates.

As a result of Green Party policy, I was able to install a wood pellet burner with grant aid. This served me well over the bad weather and will continue to serve me well when oil supplies dwindle in the near future.

Roisin Lawless

Rath Chairn


Co Meath