3 Billion people are malnourished – one billion go hungry, while one billion over-consume, reports Institute of Development Studies

1,000 Pedestrians ended up in A&E in the US in 2008 with injuries relating to texting while walking

17 Cases of mad cow disease reported worldwide in 2010, lowest since disease emerged 25 years ago

29 Years 82-year-old Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak has been in power, sparking riots against his rule

52 Armed gardaí drive 27 ministerial cars, costing €11m in the past two years

2 Sons disgraced soccer pundit Andy Gray has with the name Jamie, born within four months of each other

34 months in a row in which Irish retail sales have fallen, with 400 shops on the verge of closure

90,000 Euro per square metre, price of property on world's most expensive road, Avenue Princess Grace, Monaco – five times the price on Shrewsbury Road in Dublin 4

10,000 Images of child pornography found by gardai on computer disks of former Central Bank manager, Raphael Farina, 108 of which involved babies