Hitched: Singer Andrea Corr and Brett Desmond

Residents of Miltown Malbay in Co Clare have expressed disappointment that last Friday's wedding of Andrea Corr and Brett Desmond didn't bring much economic benefit for the town.

"We knew around last Christmas that they were thinking about getting married here but it was only last week that we found out for sure," said local publican Cathal O'Loughlin.

"It is great for the town but we expected a bigger spin-off for the area. The guests were brought in by minibuses so they didn't really get a chance to come into the town to visit the pubs."

One exception was Bono, who surprised locals and guests when he dropped into the Bellbridge House Hotel near Spanish Point for a pint.

Locals watching the fleet of buses carrying wedding guests to the reception in Doonbeg Golf and Spa resort were astonished when a high-powered Maserati car pulled up outside the Bellbridge House and the U2 star jumped out. Many recognised Bono and his wife Ali immediately while others were not sure whether it really was the U2 frontman.

The couple casually stroll­ed into the hotel where they enjoyed a drink before continuing on to the star-studded reception just 12 kilometres away.

After the wedding guests had left St Joseph's Church, up to 100 people who had gathered outside helped themselves to pieces of the floral decorations which adorned the church.

People were delighted to be able to go away with a memento of the day.

One woman said, "I saw girls coming out with flowers in their hands and so I went in and there was no one to stop us taking a few.

"It is nice now that I can say I have flowers from Andrea Corr's wedding. She looked amazing and she was so down to earth. I have to say I cried with joy for her."