David Icke: he's back and he's madder than ever

With David McWilliams now working for Aussie TV, The Diary has turned to another economist named Dave to give guidance on Ireland's economic meltdown.

Step forward former Son of God, David Icke. Talking to me this weekend from the US where he's on a talking tour, the former BBC sports presenter says he's only itching to get over here and ask a few questions.

He told The Diary: "The first question will be to your Taoiseach Brian Cowen: Where is the f**kin' money gone?

"I've been hearing about the Celtic Tiger and how fantastic it was all going but where did all the money go?"

Believing Ireland is "a land of farming", David claims things really aren't so bad for us Paddies.

"In this economic crisis, Ireland is much better placed to look after its basic needs.

"You should become selfsufficient because things are going to get a lot worse and soon we'll all be starving."

And if you are thinking of taking to the streets, don't, says Icke. "You see, that's exactly what the government wants: public disorder so they can bring in a police state. This is only just the beginning."

RTÉ's George Lee sounds positively upbeat compared to this.