Increasing numbers of tenants of troubled developer Liam Carroll are contacting the housing organisation Threshold about issues such as the non return of deposits and difficulties getting repair work done.

This has prompted Threshold to express concern that Carroll's much publicised legal and financial difficulties - including debts of €1.3bn - are beginning to impact on vulnerable individuals and families living in properties owned by him.

Threshold spokesman Kevin Baneham told the Sunday Tribune that the problems are a "relatively recent" phenomenon.

"We deal with hundreds of queries every day. But I personally have never dealt with any Zoe cases up until the last few weeks. But they don't seem to be doing even the basic stuff like proper maintenance and repairs.

"I am concerned that this is a spin-off from the legal proceedings. Given the number and diversity of queries, I am concerned that this could be only the tip of the iceberg. If that is the case, then there will be many more tenants affected."

Baneham said the problems range from non return of deposits, to difficulties paying rent and the failure to carry out repairs.

He said he was aware of seven recent cases involving Zoe developments or associated companies.

Emer Nangle, who has been acting as the point of contact for concerned tenants on behalf of Carroll, declined to comment.

But Labour Party TD Mary Upton, who has been seeking to help the affected tenants, called on Carroll and his companies to "play fair" with their tenants.

"Everyone is aware that banks have taken legal action against companies in the Liam Carroll group, for example Zoe, Danninger and Royceton," she said.

"Tenants should not be caught in the crossfire between a developer and the banks."