Dublin Bus passenger Eavan Derbyshire: 'I couldn't believe it when this same guy sat down beside me again'

A man being hunted by gardaí for sexually harassing women on Dublin buses has been assaulting victims since January of this year.

Last week the Sunday Tribune revealed that a foreign man is being pursued by gardaí after a recent attack on a woman on the 19A bus in Phibsborough.

A new victim has come forward to say that she has been attacked twice this year by the same man.

Eavan Derbyshire, a 22-year-old DIT graduate, has spoken of her upset after being twice targeted by the man who is described as eastern European and of medium build and height.

"I was sitting alone on a relatively empty bus one evening last January when this man came and sat beside me and covered himself completely in a coat, started shifting around and acting very suspiciously. He had a very peculiar look on his face, and before I knew what had happened his hand was on my leg and I was completely pressed up against the window."

Derbyshire said she alerted Dun Laoghaire gardaí to the incident. They obtained the CCTV footage from the number 7 bus, but informed her that as the man was covered up completely they could not see what exactly was happening and couldn't take the investigation any further.

"I felt they could have done more. I was extremely surprised given this man is clearly dangerous. I was extremely upset after the incident and had to get off the bus as I couldn't stand to be on it anymore. My mother collected me from Booterstown and I just broke down completely."

Derbyshire could not get on a bus in the evenings for months afterwards due to fears of seeing the man again, and instead opted to use the Dart.

However, when she did find herself on the bus again in July she was subjected to another attack by the same man.

"I couldn't believe it when this same guy sat down beside me again. Again he spread out his coat and was moving about underneath it, but I stood up and sat behind him to watch him this time and try to figure out what to do. Clearly disgruntled and agitated, he left one stop after he had gotten on."

She then re-alerted the gardaí in Dun Laoghaire, informing them the same incident had happened again, and she feared she had a stalker.

She was informed that the investigating unit would refer details of the incident to other stations, including Pearse Street, and then check the sex offenders register. To date, she still has not heard back.

"Again, there was very little from the gardaí. I got the feeling they thought the incident was of a trivial nature almost, and although they were extremely friendly and courteous and told me that they were doing all they could do, I felt more could have been done.

"This man needs to be caught because I dread to think how much worse this situation can get."

Derbyshire has since sent out Facebook messages and emails to friends warning them about the man.

The man routinely blocks his female victim into her seat and masturbates under his jacket. Dublin Bus confirmed that an investigation is underway.