The Rubberbandits with 'Willie O'Dea' (centre)

The fuss over Limerick hip-hop duo The Rubberbandits and their YouTube sensation 'Horse Outside' reached new levels of hype this weekend when one local TD compared them to the Beatles.

By last night, the band, who appeared on Friday's Late Late Show, had over 2.5 million YouTube hits for the song. Dan Neville, Fine Gael TD for Limerick West described them as "reminiscent" of the Fab Four.

They are "fantastic and challenging", he said. "It is about time we had something light and challenging and positive. I don't know why some people are frown­ing upon it and giving out about it. If I became a saint in the morning they'd be giving out about that, too. The truth is they are not going to change the world and it is really just a bit of lighthearted banter.

"I remember when the Beatles came out and everyone was outraged and thought they would tear the world and youth apart with their long hair and suggestive lyrics. These guys remind me of a new Beatles, but obviously without such great lyrics as the Beatles."

Labour TD Jan O'Sullivan said there was "nothing worrying" about the group.

"I wish these guys the best of luck – they are original and we need a bit of a lift now and we should all take it in the spirit it is meant in. We have always had good satire in this country and that's what this is. It is nothing to be worrying about."

Limerick Fianna Fáil TD Willie O'Dea stirred controversy last week when he said he found the song "hilariously funny".

"Far from it damaging the image of Limerick, I think that if it goes to No 1 it'll reflect well on Limerick. It's another success for Limerick," he said.