Former sandwich mogul Brody Sweeney has closed his Diep at Home takeaway and reopened under another name.

Last summer, the Sunday Tribune revealed the founder of O'Brien's Sandwich Bars had bounced back from the collapse of his business by opening a branch of Thai restaurant chain Diep in Dublin's Dolphin's Barn.

But now Sweeney has cut ties with the franchise and recast it as Camile.

According to a spokeswoman at the popular takeout, business is booming, with another branch due to open after Christmas.

"Once the food is good, no one cares about the name over the door," she said.

It's a good point, given the ever-changing façade – before Diep, the takeaway was called Yum Chow, the same name Sweeney had used to register a company at the start of the year.

Brody founded the O'Brien's chain in 1988, but it went into liquidation in October 2009.

At a recent business seminar at the K-Club golf club, he said his new partnership with Diep had given him hope for the future following the collapse of his defining enterprise.

However, just three months after that address he changed direction again.

In a recent circular, management at the takeaway told customers: "Our arrangement with the Diep group has come to an end." It gave a promise to keep delivering great Thai food "but under a different name".

When contacted, Sweeney was unavailable for comment but is said to be very pleased with the progress of his latest enterprise.

Reflecting on his rise and fall in business recently, he said: "Two years ago I was at the top of my game. I was earning a good income… and it all fell off a cliff in a very short time."