DES Lynam crossed the boundaries of good taste and decorum last week when he remarked that his Countdown co-star Carol Vorderman "is sex on legs."

In addition to being wrong (Carol Vorderman is not sex on legs because no one who releases a fitness video can be described as "sex on legs") he is being crass and making sensible men and women everywhere most uncomfortable.

Countdown is an afternoon show, for goodness sake. It's watched by children, people with hangovers and everyone 'working from home'.

The last thing anyone wants to know is that Des Lynam is salivating over Vorderman as she does her sums.

Honestly, such comments from the former Match of the Day host are really not on and most unsporting. Countdown is about spelling and sums, and librarians seizing their 15 minutes of fame.

The late Richard Whiteley may have engaged in a bit of light flirtation but he never went further than commenting upon Carol's increasingly curious wardrobe which in recent years has been punctuated with inappropriately short skirts.

Someone should remind Des that there will be conscientious school children watching and that he should keep his mind on the conundrum. Meanwhile, for all you viewers at home, have a go at this: LMILESLAB