I'M AN early riser . . . usually up before 6am during the week, and so I'd consider getting up on Sunday at around 8.30 as a lie-in. I live on the Dublin/Navan border, it's still very much countryside so I'm usually woken by birdsong . . . which can be louder than Dublin city traffic! The first thing I'll do is grab a cup of coffee and head into the garden. I like to wander around and simply take it all in.

I remember when Dublin was quiet at the weekends and you could walk around the canals, but now it's just claustrophobic.

On Sundays, I love to go riding down in Wicklow and will usually be on the road before 10. I'll pick up the papers on the way but after flicking through them quickly, I'll leave them aside until later. I'll ride out around The Levin most weeks and love the exhilaration and freedom of it all.

When returning home, I might do a detour and stop in one of the many garden centres . . . I love gardening as a hobby, but thankfully am not obsessed by it. Alternatively, I might head through town and visit the bookshop in the National Gallery. I think it's a great find and I've picked up so many excellent books there in recent times.

Not enough people know about it. When I get home, I might have a leisurely lunch, or else it's something quick and off to play football with my nephews who live nearby.

My mother also lives close, and we have a very easy relationship, seeing plenty of each other whenever it suits.

Once the evening starts to draw in, I like to light a fire, put on some music and settle in with the papers. I'll get through all the broadsheets at least, and then whatever else takes my eye. I don't watch TV at all, but have an eclectic ear, so my CD player could have anything from Brian Eno to Iarla O'Lionaird on it.

I love to read and always make time for books on a Sunday. I usually have about five on the go at any one time . . . different types. Right now, I'm working my way through one about Anna Wintour, a Dubliners' anthology and a couple of more serious ones.

I seldom work on a Sunday, unless it involves travelling. Even then, I try to avoid having to leave in the evening. I'll do a bit of internet banking though, and make sure I have clothes ready for the week ahead . . . if that's deemed as work! I think Sunday is a great day for doing nothing, and yet doing everything.

I cook every night and Sunday is no exception. I find it relaxing and it's something I enjoy. Thanks to the River Cafe and Dennis Cotter's books I do a mean risotto, and because I'll have been to the local farm for produce on a Saturday, I've all I need to prepare something exciting for dinner.

As I head to bed, I'm usually very relaxed. I used to get wound up about the week ahead, but now I've got good at shutting things out.

That's probably why I enjoy time at home so much . . . I'm satisfied with the place I'm in.