Getting back to normal

The first week's over, the rest will be plain-sailing.

Celebrity Big Brother

Because there's nothing worth watching in our own lives right now, we're happy to snoop on theirs.

Buying tickets for gigs way in the future

Camping at Electric Picnic. Laughing at Little Britain or jumping around to Depeche Mode. . . Like laying down a fine wine, the time will come and we'll be chuffed with our forward planning.

Breakfast on Pluto

A million rave reviews aren't wrong.

Opens nationwide 13 January.


Retail pressure Christmas. . . sales. . . summer holidays. . .new season's stock. . . we're not minted, you know.

'Four weeks to a new you!' features Yeah, right.


There aren't enough remedies to keep the inevitable at bay.

The carpark jackpot

Insert 20 note, get 18 coins back in return.