IRISH golf star Padraig Harrington believes the game of golf is well placed to recover from the negative publicity surrounding the current scandal involving Tiger Woods.

Harrington said: "I suppose things like this have happened before at times and we move on.

"Golf is constantly the number one sport with the moral ethics and things like that. So I think we're in a very strong position going forward."

Woods, however, would still have to face plenty of questions whenever he decided to return to competition in 2010, said the three-time major winner.

"The next big thing for Tiger is when he comes back out," Harrington added.

"He probably has six or seven weeks to sort things out and figure things out and then he'll have a barrage when he comes back out, probably in San Diego.

"He wasn't speeding and driving under the influence and he didn't hurt somebody else. So it is very much now a personal thing. Yes, he's going to have to deal with it, and that's the nature of the fact of being the number one sportsman in the world."