Former boxing coach Frank Mulligan: jailed last week for six and a half years for the rape and sexual assault of five teenage boys over a 13-year period

A former top amateur boxing coach who made his victims pray before and after he carried out sex attacks, which he claimed were "God's will", may be charged with the sexual assault of another boy he coached.

Last week, Frank Mulligan (63), of Mulladuff, Smithboro, Co Monaghan, was jailed for six and a half years for the rape and sexual assault of five teenage boys over a 13-year period. The DPP is considering a garda file in relation to another boy that Mulligan trained and allegedly sexually assaulted in Monaghan in the 1990s, the Sunday Tribune understands.

The DPP's decision on whether to charge the former coach is expected in the next few weeks. Mulligan was once one of Ireland's most respected and successful amateur boxing coaches, and trained former world featherweight champion Barry McGuigan.

The 63-year-old has been convicted of the sexual assault and rape of seven boys between 1989 and 2002. Last year, he was sentenced to seven years after being convicted of the assault and buggery of two young boys while coaching them at the local boxing club.

One complainant broke down in the witness box at Dublin circuit criminal court last week and told the judge his life had been destroyed by Mulligan's repeated sexual abuse and buggery of him in late 1997.

The man said he'd been on a "path of self-destruction" since the incidents, couldn't hold down a job, had a troubled family life and had at times turned to alcohol, drugs and petty crime.

The court heard that Mulligan lured one of the victims back to his home for sports massages after training or before a boxing match.

The victim told gardaí his ex-coach made him lie naked on his double bed the day before a fight, and rubbed oil on his body including his private parts.

The then 15-year-old told gardaí that in March 1997, he woke up after falling asleep during a massage to find Mulligan naked and having oral sex with him. Another young man told gardaí Mulligan made him pray facing him on a cushion placed on the floor of his home in November 2000.

The man said Mulligan "whispered the 'Our Father' as he rubbed the boy's body under his clothes. Mulligan told the then 16-year-old boy: "If you want me to train you, you have to accept God's will."

The judge accepted that Mulligan had been abused himself as a child, that he has since shown remorse and has indicated an intention to seek treatment upon his release.