The negative outlook reflects our view that a further downgrade is possible if the fiscal cost of supporting the banking sector rises further
A statement from credit rating agency Standard & Poor's after it lowered Ireland's credit rating

You are doing important things because taking care of people is not only a job for politicians
Russian president Dmitry Medvedev praises U2 lead singer Bono's humanitarian work

After Senator Callely's dedication to the Fianna Fáil party in public life over a period of 25 years, he is devastated at the refusal to accord him fair procedures which makes his resignation inevitable
A statement from Senator Ivor Callely's solicitors announcing his resignation from Fianna Fáil

The longer he serves in the Seanad the more discredit he brings on it
Green Party Senator Dan Boyle calls for Ivor Callely to resign from the Seanad

The actions of the senior RUC officers, in seeking and accepting the government's assistance in dealing with the problem of Fr Chesney's alleged wrongdoing, was by definition a collusive act
The North's police ombudsman Al Hutchinson on the release of the report into the 1972 Claudy bombing

There has been no new legislation. No new regulations. No new initiative by a minister or the Green Party
Minister for the environment John Gormley dismisses the controversy over road tax regulations on commercial vehicles

They were very happy and in great form as they headed off. I don't think they even said goodbye
Kerry mother Sheila Breen in the aftermath of a car crash that killed her two sons and two other teenagers

It is very important for safety reasons that people should be told how the fencing arrangement should work and have assurances it will be designed properly
Joe Nugent, secretary of the Dublin Supporters Club, expresses concern over the erection of a new 9ft fence erected at the Hill 16 end for today's All Ireland semi-final

There is a certain unknown about Ryan's performances while supported by the two established vehicles of Morning Ireland and my programme. I don't want to diss a colleague but this is Ryan's big chance to make it
Pat Kenny reacts to questions surrounding the ability of Ryan Tubridy to make a success of his new 2FM slot